Civil Law

LeopoldoPons has a team of professional experts in Civil Law, the backbone of our legal system. The Civil Law Department offers an individualized service for each of its clients, both companies and individuals, with a personalized follow-up of each matter. Each case is approached from a multidisciplinary point of view thanks to the interrelationship with the other departments of the firm.

Our expert lawyers in Civil Law have at their disposal all the necessary resources to design the legal strategy that best suits the requirements of each specific case. In addition, with the aim of meeting the personal and/or patrimonial needs that may arise to its clients in the field of this matter, LeopoldoPons is committed to the continuous training, specialization and excellence of its professionals.

The Civil Law Department closely monitors the evolution of each case, not limiting its functions to the drafting and preparation of agreements and contracts, but accompanying the client throughout the process and carrying out a specialized legal analysis of the specific case. In any case, LeopoldoPons promotes preventive advocacy in the knowledge of the importance that good advice can imply in the avoidance of the judicialization of conflicts.

Among the subjects in which LeopoldoPons provides advice in Civil Law, the following stand out:

  • Recruitment and civil actions
    • Acquisition, management and sale of all types of real estate assets.
    • Preparation and negotiation of urban leases, both housing and premises (commercial premises, industrial buildings, logistics warehouses, offices, etc.), as well as rustic leases, transfer of use, loans and leases, censuses and any other type of contract intended for the transfer of the possession, or use of the real estate assets, as well as the guarantees associated with this type of operations.
    • Constitution, acquisition and management of the surface right.
    • Homeowners’ associations and horizontal property.
    • Evictions.
    • Drafting of all types of civil contracts, including the sale of movable property, deposit, mandate and recognition of debt.
    • Civil liability, both general, as derived from crimes or accidents or professional negligence, among others.
  • Successions and donations
    • Negotiation and drafting of the regulatory agreement and agreements of coexistence in divorces and / or separations, pre-nuptial agreements and liquidation of the matrimonial property regime.
    • Legal advice to de facto unions.
    • Adoptions, disabilities, guardianship, tutorship, and curatorship.
    • Protected heritage.
    • Planning and resolution of conflicts in inheritances and successions. Among others, the services of partitioning inheritances are provided (including experts report), declaration of heirs (judicial and notary), renunciation and / or acceptance of inheritances, advice and drafting of testamentary clauses, donations and disinherital.

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