Company Law

LeopoldoPons provides a wide-ranging service during all phases of the development of the companies, from the constitution (analyzing the most suitable legal form, drawing up the articles of association that will govern the company, drafting the agreements of partners, etc.), through the recurrent advice during the growth and maturity stage (statutory modifications, capital increases and reductions, etc.), and, if applicable, the extinction of its legal personality (dissolution and liquidation, bankruptcy proceedings, etc.)..

The advice provided in this area by the Business Law Department also covers the drafting and negotiation of the commercial contracts demanded by the activity of the company, such as distribution contracts, purchase or sales agreements, supply contracts, agency agreement, loan agreements, etc.

The Business Law Department relies on professionals who have extensive experience in the field of advice, being able to conduct their clients in the search for solutions to the legal needs. LeopoldoPons stands out for the vast experience in advising family businesses, to whose usual problems is added the personal and professional interests, which in most cases appear intimately mixed.

In this way, LeopoldoPons offers its clients all those professional services that are appropriate in order to assist them in their specific needs in matters of Commercial and Corporate Law in a wide range of matters, including the following:

  • Constitution of any type of company.
  • Elaboration of Shareholders' Agreement.
  • Elaboration of Family Protocols.
  • Planning, advising and executing complex corporate transactions.
  • Preparation and updating of bylaws and regulations of Shareholders and Board Meetings. Assistance to these acts to defend the interests of the company, partners or administrators in situations of corporate conflict.
  • Legal advice to the Boards of the company, and performance of Board Secretary duties.
  • Advice regarding the dividend policy and remuneration of directors and senior managers.
  • Legal advice on issues related to the transmissibility of shares and social participations (statutory clauses, Drag Along and Tag Along).
  • Corporate operations in general (increase and decrease of capital, by-law amendments, etc.).
  • Planning, advice and execution of corporate restructurings (mergers, acquisitions, divisions, sales of productive units, global transfer of assets and liabilities).
  • Legal advice on business purchase and sale operations, negotiating and drafting all the necessary documentation.
  • Preparation of commercial review reports on the acquisition of companies (due diligence), contractual and corporate documentation of the operations, and closing agreements.
  • Corporate governance issues.
  • Venture capital operations.
  • Preparation of contract and legal advice on commercial distribution, agencies, logistics and selective networks.
  • Commercial contracting, covering the drafting, negotiation, and conclusion of business contracts, regardless of the sector of activity (for example: distribution contracts, collaboration, association or joint venture, guarantee, sale, swap, lease, etc. ).
  • Drafting, negotiation and conclusion of contracts for the sale of shares and the creation of real rights over them.
  • Specialized advice to Cooperatives and Agricultural Societies in Transformation (S.A.T.) and Foundations.

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