Labour Law

LeopoldoPons has a team of professionals who are experts in providing comprehensive advice in all areas of Labour Law and Social Security, offering both companies and workers an individualised service, with personalised monitoring of each case.

LeopoldoPons promotes preventive lawyering in the knowledge of the importance that good advice can have in avoiding the judicialisation of conflicts.

The Labour Law Department of LeopoldoPons approaches each case from a multidisciplinary point of view thanks to the interrelation with the other departments of the firm. The team of lawyers with expertise in Labour Law has at its disposal all the necessary resources to design the legal strategy that best suits the requirements of each specific case.

Among the areas in which LeopoldoPons provides advice in Labour Law, the following stand out:

  • Termination of contracts and legal compensation
    • Dismissal on objective grounds.
    • Dismissal on disciplinary grounds.
    • Collective dismissal.
    • Dismissal due to force majeure.
    • Calculation of compensation.
  • Representation and defence against any kind of dismissal
    • Drafting and presentation of conciliation papers for dismissal.
    • Legal challenge of all types of dismissals.
    • Review of the amount of compensation paid to an employee following dismissal to check that the amount is in line with the legally stipulated compensation
  • Legal proceedings for the recovery of outstanding wages and salaries
  • General advice to the client with regard to labour legislation
    • Modification of individual working conditions
    • Functional mobility, transfers and displacements.
    • Reduction in working hours.
    • Implementation of measures to conciliate work and family life.
  • Advice and defence in all types of sanctioning proceedings brought by public administrations
  • Accidents at work
  • Actions against harassment at work

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