Banking Law

If there is one subject that has experienced a deep and intense activity in recent years, it has undoubtedly been banking law, which makes recurrent, effective and specialized legal and economic advice absolutely necessary.

For decades, LeopoldoPons has taken on many assignments related to the defense of companies and individuals against the legal actions exercised against them by financial institutions. The services provided by the Banking Law Department would include the following:

  • Legal Services for companies and individuals
    • Negotiation for the resolution of non-payment situations through the signing of amicable agreements.
    • Promotion of all kinds of procedures to obtain the nullity of abusive clauses (floor clauses, mortgage expenses, etc.), as well as the reimbursement of amounts unduly paid by the client.
    • Defense of individuals, professionals and companies that have been subject to foreclosures or have been declared in bankruptcy.

Furthermore, LeopoldoPons, aware that financial institutions and foreign funds, through their servicers, require assistance in the management of their loan portfolios and in litigation, offers, among others, the following services:

  • Legal Services for Financial Institutions and Investment Funds
    • Debt recovery.
    • Technical direction of all types of executive and declaratory procedures promoted by or against the creditor, assistance to hearings, appearances, trials, etc.
    • Legal-economic assistance in the processes of closing or formalizing notarial agreements, sales, payments, etc.
    • Advice in the bankruptcy field, where LeopoldoPons can guarantee the highest excellence both in the legal direction for the insinuation and satisfaction of all types of credits, as well as drafting and filing of requests of insolvency proceedings (necessary or voluntary), extrajudicial negotiation with bankruptcy administrations, search for investors, acquisition and / or sale of debt, prior report and participation in auctions, etc.

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