Public Law

LeopoldoPons has a team of highly qualified professionals to provide our clients - private companies and public entities - with the necessary assistance in all types of administrative and contentious-administrative procedures.

Likewise, our clients are offered comprehensive advice in all those matters of the most relevant administrative field, providing as added value a work based on excellence and the continuous search for optimal legal solutions, increasingly necessary considering the regulatory framework so complex and turbulent in which companies and public entities must develop their activity.

Among the subjects in which LeopoldoPons provides advisory and contentious services are the following:

  • Administrative authorizations.
  • Patrimonial responsibility of the public administrations.
  • Infractions and administrative sanctions.
  • Expropriation procedures.
  • Subsidies and public aid.
  • Special and administrative resources.
  • Public procurement in all its phases: tendering, execution, termination and settlement of contracts.
  • Urbanism, among others, drafting of urban planning, advice on urban management and assistance in the processing of urban discipline files.
  • Advice in relation to the different regulated sectors (credit institutions, telecommunications, energy, stock markets, mines, waters, coasts and ports, health, transport, assets of public administrations, etc.).
  • Advice on the preparation of public law regulations: preliminary studies and preliminary drafts.
  • Legal direction of judicial proceedings in contentious-administrative proceedings in all instances, ordinary and special.

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