Forensic Economic Reports and Expert Appraisals

The Forensic Economic Reports and Expert Appraisal Department at LeopoldoPons offers specialist services for the prevention, detection and investigation of business and financial fraud, as well as participating as an independent expert in the resolution of lawsuits and judicial or extrajudicial conflicts involving economic or financial affairs. We are experts in the preparation and ratification of Expert Reports for parties to judicial proceedings.

The prestige of our firm has meant it has been called on by both the litigants themselves and also the courts in all kinds of jurisdiction (civil law, company law, criminal law, administrative dispute proceedings, etc.) to express a professional opinion on a wide variety of matters. Confidentiality, excellence, independence in the provision of our services, professional presentation of our reports and clarity are the hallmarks of our work.

The team at the Forensic Economic Analysis Department works with the latest techniques for the detection of fraud, with the ability to process large volumes of data. In close collaboration with the rest of the Departments in our firm, the Forensic Economic Analysis team incorporates all the know-how of the different professionals making up this firm in each of its actions.

The services offered by the Forensic Economic Analysis Department are as follows:

  • Fraud Investigationand Detection
    • Investigation and quantification of accounting fraud, illicit conveyancing of assets, corruption, etc.
    • Quantificationof the economic harm caused by fraud.
    • Leading of legal action for the recovery of assets including interim measures, negotiation, lodging of lawsuits, insurance claims, etc.
  • Expert Reports and Formal Opinions as an Independent Expert

    The jurisdictions in which LeopoldoPons acts include the following, with the various actions listed below:

    • Civil Law
      • Loss of earnings and consequential damages through breach of contract.
      • Opinion as an expert in accounting, financial and economic analysis.
      • Appraisal of damages.
    • Criminal Law
      • Investigation and accreditation of fraud in companies.
      • Investigation of corporate or economic crimes.
    • Company Law
      • Evaluations or appraisals in disputes between the parties.
      • Corporate conflicts.
      • Liability of company directors.
      • Verification of fulfilment/non-compliance of contractual clauses.
      • Intellectual Property and trademarks.
    • Administrative Dispute Law
      • Verification of fulfilment/non-compliance in the application of clauses in administrative concession agreements.
      • Legal claims for measures to re-balancethe economic and financial aspects of administrative concession agreements.

    Our Independent Expert Services include investigation, the drafting and issue of reports, as well as their ratification where necessary before judicial authorities.

  • Arbitration and extrajudicial resolutions
    • Mediation in disputes between partners or other parties.
    • Arbitration in economic or technical conflicts.

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