Tax Affairs

The tax department at LeopoldoPons offers personalized advice in all fields of fiscal law. The offices works with national and international business holdings, high net worth individuals, Public Administrations, not-for-profit organizations and private individuals to provide always with a proactive approach adapted the client’s personal needs.

Through a highly-qualified team of specialists, we collaborate actively with our clients to advise them both recurrently and on one-off transactions, always striving to optimize their tax burden and offering a lot of added value in all our actions.

We advise and represent our clients in all kinds of tax-related proceedings, including tax management, inspection, collection and penalty proceedings, with respect to the national, regional or local Administrations. The solicitor in charge of the department handles the lodging of claims and appeals at all economic-administrative and judicial instances.

  • General Tax Matters
    • Recurrent advice to companies and national and international groups.
    • Study of one-off operations.
    • Design of tax policies and optimizationof business structures.
    • Proposal of consultations to the Directorate-General for Taxation.
    • Tax optimization of business remuneration systems.
    • Tax audits.
  • Tax Procedures and Dispute Resolution
    • Advice on tax management proceedings, limited verification and formal requests.
    • Representation of clients vis-à-vis inspection proceedings.
    • Tax collection proceedings.
    • Advice on proceedingsfor the imposition of penalties.
    • Lodging of appeals for reconsideration and also in the economic administrative regimes.
    • Claims at all instances in the administrative dispute courts.
  • Private Persons and High Net Worth Individuals
    • Optimizationof family wealth structures.
    • Advice on personal and family tax affairs.
    • Estate planning and inheritances.
    • Family office protocols.
    • Taxation for non-residents and declaration of assets owned abroad.
  • Related Transactions and Transfer Prices
    • Advice on the design of transfer pricing policy in national and international groups.
    • Preparationof the documentationrequired by Spanish Regulations with respect to related transactions.
    • Previousvaluationagreements with the Tax Authorities.
  • Re-structuring and Corporate Finance Operations
    • Advice on mergers, spin-offs, non-monetary contributions and securities swaps.
    • Drafting of the forecasts and plans required by the regulations on re-structuring operations.
    • Re-organizationand rationalizationof the business structure.
    • Advice on the acquisitionand sale of companies and lines of business.
    • Drafting of a tax due diligence report.
  • Indirect Taxation
    • Optimizationof the business structure to maximize VAT deductions.
    • Recurrent advice on matters relating to indirect taxes.
    • Special regimes: Groups, Monthly Refunds, etc.
    • Conflicts in the applicationof VAT orStamp Duty (ITP-AJD).

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