Consumer Law

Consumer Law necessarily includes knowledge of the areas of Civil Law, Administrative Law and Procedural Law or Litigation. LeopoldoPons has a team of professionals with extensive experience in all these areas, having made possible the creation of a department specialized in this matter. Therefore, from the Department of Consumer Law of LeopoldoPons it is possible to provide high quality advice to our clients - both companies and individuals - in any matter related to this area.

The professionals of the Department of Consumer Law know in detail the regulations (regional, state and European) aimed at the protection of the consumer or user in the market of goods and services, having analyzed its implications both from the point of view of the consumer and the entrepreneur / seller.

As a result, LeopoldoPons defends the interests of consumers, but also offers its services to companies that sell goods or provide their services to the former.

  • Consumer advice
    • Preparation and presentation of complaints to consumer offices and hierarchically superior entities.
    • Supervision and analysis of any adhesion contract, loan agreements, credit cards, guarantees, bank discount, application of interest rates or capitalization of these, as well as the possible abuse of the clauses of said contracts.
    • Complaints to supply companies (electricity, telephony, etc.), travel agencies, airlines, etc.
    • Claims for hidden vices or construction defects.
  • Advice to the company
    • Adaptation of the content of the web pages to the regulations of consumers and users.
    • Adequacy of internal protocols.
    • Action or defense in matters related to unfair competition.
    • Response to consumer complaints.
    • Review of compliance with the regulations on the sale of discounted products, as well as misleading advertising in order to avoid possible inspection actions.
    • Monitoring and defense of the inspection procedures initiated by the various public bodies acting in defense of consumers.
    • Advice and legal defense in contentious conflicts.

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