Procedural Law

The Litigation Department of LeopoldoPons is dedicated to advising on the resolution of litigation disputes of a civil and commercial nature, assuming the legal direction in all types of procedures related to these matters.

  • Litigation

    Our Litigation Department is composed by a team of lawyers with a long history in advising and counseling at all types of civil and commercial proceedings at Courts of Justice and the Arbitral Tribunals, in all its phases and instances. In addition, they also prepare reports and opinions on contentious or potentially litigious issues to identify and avoid possible adverse consequences, analyzing the desirability and the optimal way to initiate or face legal proceedings.

    Our team’s experience, as well as its excellent and continuous academic training, allows the Department to determine and carry out the most suitable strategies for the interests of their clients in each specific case, either in the preliminary phase, developing a preventive advisory activity in order to avoid judicial disputes; or in the judicial phase, guaranteeing a solid and effective procedural strategic position. In addition, the multidisciplinary nature of the firm allows the Litigation Department of LeopoldoPons to form, when the circumstances recommend it, teams with professionals specialized in the different legal and / or economic aspects that may affect the outcome of the dispute, offering the client advice with a 360-degree approach and providing a business vision to the solution of problems that goes beyond the resolution of the disagreement.

    Each matter and client receives a detailed study and analysis, an immediate response and a timely follow-up by the lawyers in charge. The teams is also characterized by its proactivity and technical rigor, its well-founded and precise forensic writings, by an extreme preparation of judicial proceedings and, in short, by always seeking professional excellence.

    Among others, the Litigation Department of LeopoldoPons exercises advice and assumes the legal direction of judicial and arbitral proceedings in matters of:

    • Contractual and non-contractual liability.
    • Validity, interpretation, termination and resolution of contracts.
    • Real rights.
    • Insurance law.
    • Real estate and construction law.
    • Quantity claims.
    • Corporate conflicts: challenge to corporate agreements, liability actions against administrators, execution of parasocial pacts, right of separation of the partner, etc.
    • Urban leases and horizontal property.
    • Agency, distribution, concession and franchise agreements.
    • Debt payment and collection procedures.
    • Execution of judicial and extrajudicial titles.
    • Competition law.
    • Criminal, Economic and Business Law.

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