Procedural Law

The Procedural Law Department is devoted to providing advice on the resolution of litigation disputes in both the civil and business spheres, as well as in criminal law, assuming the supervision and leadership of the entire proceedings in this regard.

  • Civil and Business Procedural Law

    The department of civil and business procedural law has a team of solicitor who are all experts in providing legal advice and supervising civil and business proceedings before Courts of Law and Arbitration Tribunals, in all their phases and instances.Furthermore, they also prepare reports and formal opinions on issues actually or potentially heading for litigation to identify and avoid possible adverse consequences by analysing the suitability and the best way to initiate or deal with judicial proceedings.

    The experience of its member solicitors, as well as their excellent and ongoing academic training, enables them to design and implement the most suitable strategies for the best interests of our clients in each specific case,either in the pre-judicialphase, in order to avoid litigation disputes,or else before a Judge, guaranteeing a solid and effective position in the proceedings.

    In short, the advice given is comprehensive and complete, focused on understanding the client's concerns and satisfying his or her needs. Each matter and each clientundergoes detailed study and analysis, to obtain an immediate response and timely follow-up by the solicitors involved. The team is characterized by its proactiveness and its technical rigour, its precise, well-founded legal briefs,the exhaustive preparation of all actions before the court and, in summary, by always seeking professional excellence.

    The department of civil and business procedural law not only dispenses advice but takes on the supervision of the case, among other aspects, including by way of example and without trying to be exhaustive, judicial and arbitration proceedings relating to:

    • Contractual and extra-contractual liability.
    • Validity, interpretation, terminationand rescission of contracts.
    • In rem rights.
    • Banking law.
    • Estate law and probate.
    • Family law.
    • Claims for amounts owed.
    • Corporate conflicts: challenging of corporate resolutions, legal action to sue directors, enforcement of agreements among shareholders, etc.
    • Urban property leases and horizontalproperty.
    • Agency, distribution, concession and franchise contracts.
    • Proceedings regarding debt collection and monetary instruments.
    • Enforcement of judicial and extra-judicial title.
  • Criminal Procedural Law

    The specialists in Criminal Law at the Procedural Law Department provide legal advice and case oversight services in these matters, with particular emphasis on what is known as “Economic Criminal Law”.

    The professional practice of this Department comprises pre-litigation advice and the defence and representation of clients (private individuals and companies involved in all areas of activity) before the Courts of Law, at all their instances, including the submission of petitions for the protection of fundamental rights before the Constitutional Tribunal.

    The basic rules governing the actions of its member solicitors are built on both professional excellence as well as seriousness and discretion vis-à-vis clients, always respecting in all cases the ethical code and rectitude of counsel. In this way, the maximum commitment with clients is achieved with the aim of providing the best defence possible at all times.

    The Criminal Procedural Law Department offers advice and assumes the role of prosecuting or defence counsel as appropriate, among others and by way of mere example, in judicialproceedings dealing with:

    • Crimes involving companies.
    • Crimes against property and socio-economic order: including theft, robbery, fraud, embezzlement, fraudulent conveyance or crimes against industrial andintellectual property.
    • Crimes against the Public Exchequer and the Social Security, including tax crimes and crimes against employees’ rights in connection with occupational accidents.
    • Crimes against the Public Administrations and against the Administration of justice.
    • Falsehoods.
    • Crimes against honour.
    • Crimes against persons.

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