Ethical Code

Leopoldo Pons maintains a strong commitment to obeying the principles of professional ethics, current legislation and transparency in all its areas of activity.

In order to achieve these goals, Leopoldo Pons, through its Code of Ethics, has established a set of principles, values and guidelines of conduct aimed to guaranteeing the ethical behaviour of all its professionals. The Code of Ethics constitutes a guide for all Leopoldo Pons personnel in their professional performance related to their daily work, the resources used and the business environment.

Given that the principles and criteria of action contained in the Code of Ethics are mandatory for all professionals, Leopoldo Pons encourages the reporting, through the complaints channel, of possible irregularities or illicit acts that may be detect in the daily exercise of its activity, as well as possible breaches of the Code of Ethics, through the following address:

The responsible board for controlling compliance and resolving complaints related to the Code of Ethics, is the Ethics Committee.

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