Cooperativism and Foundations

LeopoldoPons has extensive experience in legal-economic advice to all types of Cooperatives, Agricultural Societies in Transformation (S.A.T.), Foundations and Associations, which allows us to provide services to this type of organizations in a totally personalized and specialized way, guaranteeing our clients that the matters delegated to the firm are in the hands of a team of highly qualified professionals who understand the operation of this type of entities in great detail.

The Department of Cooperative Law and Foundations aims to establish long-term relationships with its clients and fully understand the functioning of their organizations, in order to optimize the solutions to be offered. The trust that our clients place in the Department of Cooperative Law and Foundations is essential, as it allows the team to offer comprehensive and specialized legal advice in these areas of law.

LeopoldoPons has sought to guide its professionals in the areas that require a higher level of specialization, as is the case of Cooperative Law and Foundations, creating integrated and multidisciplinary teams of high performance, which has made it possible for LeopoldoPons to offer its clients, among others, the following services:

  • Advice for the choice of the appropriate legal form for the purposes, resources and persons, as well as the drafting of the Statutes and accompaniment for the fulfillment of all the legal procedures for its constitution.
  • Advice on the drafting and modification of internal regulations and preparation of the regulations of internal disciplinary regime and intervention in files of this nature in accordance with the provisions of the statutes.
  • Advice for compliance with the specific regulations that affect these entities, as well as in compliance with their internal regulations.
  • Recurring legal advice, among other matters, for the preparation of the calls, drafting of the minutes, attendance at the meetings of the governing bodies of these entities.
  • Assumption of legal advice, in the case of Cooperatives, or the position of non-employer secretary, in foundations.
  • Comprehensive legal advice in all phases of the life of the entities, as well as in the fiscal-tax and commercial field.

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