Re-organizations and Insolvencies

The re-organization and insolvency department at LeopoldoPons offers customized advice to companies in crisis orin situations of insolvency when taking the best decisions to find a way out of their situation, adapting to their needs. Thanks to our specialized human team, optimal solutions are defined for the recovery of the company's activity, ensuring the maximum added value to seek its feasibility.

This assistance can be provided both in the recovery and defence of creditors' debts and assistance for debtor companies, either through an arrangement with creditors, debt re-organization or the preparation of business plans and feasibility, among others.

LeopoldoPons has extensive experience in the field of insolvency practice and business re-organizations since the entry into force the new Insolvency Act, exercising the position of Trustees in Bankruptcy in numerous proceedings and as legal advisors to debtors and creditors throughout the insolvency proceedings on many other occasions.

  • Insolvency Practice
    • Preparation of Credit Communications and assistance for creditors.
    • Advice in the preparation, notification and distribution of adjustment invoices.
    • Advice and legal assistance to initiate compulsory and/or voluntary arrangements with creditors.
    • Advice and legal assistance for debtors and creditors in compulsory and/or voluntary arrangements with creditors.
    • Preparation of reports as an independentexpert as foreseen in the Insolvency Act.
  • Business and Feasibility Plans
    • Preparation, implementationand monitoring of business plans.
    • Development of corporate internationalization plans and their funding.
    • Assistance in the preparation of expansion plansand/or feasibility plans for certain business areas.
    • Advice on the definition and achievement of strategic goals by clients.
  • Financial Re-organizations
    • Advice and legal and economic assistance in the furtherance of extrajudicial payment plans.
    • Assistance with negotiationsfor debt re-organization (Standstill Agreements, Debt-for-assetswaps, etc.).
    • Advice to investors, funds orfinancial institutions in refinancing processes.
    • Advice on finding financial assistance.
  • Internal Business Review (IBR)
    • Verification and review of business plans.
    • Analysis and review of feasibility plans.
    • Verification of the suitability of strategic plans.

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