Intellectual and Industrial Property

The Industrial and Intellectual Property and ICT Department of LeopoldoPons, formed by lawyers extremely specialized in these areas, provides advice to companies and individuals on this sector, which has been booming in recent years because of both the continuous technological advances of modern society and also the constant development of new forms of communications using technical devices.

The professionals working in this department advise clients at both the initial phases to protect the intangible rights making up intellectual property and industrial property, processing inclusion on the public registers in place, and also subsequently whenever problems arise in connection with breaches of the rights so registered, providing clients with all the material and personnel resources necessary to ensure success in judicial and extra judicial claims.

Furthermore, the department offers personalized advice on the management of these intangible assets, brokering the sale and purchase of rights, ordrafting assignment contracts, or granting licences or franchises, among others, without at any moment ceasing to protect the legal security of our clients whenever the acts and attitudes of third parties represent unfair competition potentially harming or undermining their rights.

Similarly, in the sphere of the telecommunications, the human team has extensive experience in advising clients and seeking the necessary means to finance the launch of new projects related to the media, new technologies and the entertainment industry.

  • Intellectual Property
    • Copyright. A protection of literary or musical works, orthe world of advertising and design. Drafting and negotiation of copyright contracts and other ancillary contracts. Processing of legal actions and lawsuits with regard to breaches of copyright and the protection of these rights.
    • Advertising and advertising rights. Advice on advertising, consumer affairs and unfair competition. Drafting of advertising contracts, processing of legal procedures with regulatory bodies.
    • Right to honour, privacy and personal image. A judicial and extrajudicial claims against any behaviour attacking these constitutional rights.
  • Information and Communications Technology
    • Advice on the processing of licences, including actionsand claims before the administrative courts against awards.
    • Studying and reporting on the legality of contents included in the media.
    • Assistance in finding forms of finance, advice on tax incentives.
    • Drafting of contracts for the production, distribution and exploitation of works.
    • Advice and actions against counterfeiting and piracy.
    • Protectionof fundamental rights to honour, privacy and personal image.
    • Advice on regulatory matters for all kinds of issues relating to telecommunications operators and providers of telecommunications services.
    • Drafting of e-commerce contracts, Non-Disclosure Agreementsand technological transfer contracts.
    • Actions vis-à-vis the authorities in connection with data protection and the protection of consumers' rights.
    • Legal notices in connection with information-society services.
    • Recovery of Domains, protection of web sites.
    • Advice on conflicts regarding software protection.

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